Getting the Bulgarian Residency

Your new property [YNP] specializes in foreign investment properties in the Bulgarian real estate market. In 2017, according to some international investment firms such as KPMG and Forbes, Bulgarian property prices are expected to rise by 800% by 2022.

Bulgaria offers one of the most attractive residency programs in Europe,  by offering a wide range of approved properties that will grant you and your family an EU Residency upon purchase with prices starting at around 15000 Euros. 
The residency is renewed on a yearly basis and gives access to:
Bulgaria, Romania, Cryprus, Croatia and Serbia.
After 5 years, the residency becomes permanent with the possibility of EU access as Bulgaria has joined the EU in 2007.
To obtain you residency, you will need to submit the following documents to the Bulgarian Embassy: 
- Title deed of the apartment 
- Yearly medical insurance issued from Bulgaria 
- Valid passport 
- Visa required documents
YNP will support in all paperwork and assist you through the entire legal procedure.